Sunday, October 31, 2004

First Impressions of Japan

Kathy: the weather. It was surprisingly cool, due to a typhoon passing through Asia. Also, the service. Unbelievable! If it weren’t for the service, we would have missed our bus to Ota city. In the airport, the immigration line was watched very carefully. When it was found to be too long, half the line was ushered to another section of the airport, where a whole new set of booths were opened just for us! Everywhere we have gone, people have been polite, kind, and helpful. Yesterday, I got the chance to use my broken Japanese to open memberships at Livr@, a very cool Internet café/library. Again, the service was impeccable. Even people who work what seem like useless jobs to us, like parking attendants at shopping mall lots, work dutifully and respectfully. You don’t get the attitude and bored faces you often see in Canada. It’s really great.

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