Tuesday, November 23, 2004

A Very Fine Tuesday

We had ANOTHER national holiday today... yes, life is very rough here...
We spent the afternoon with a retired Japanese couple. Funny story. I actually met the man while I was studying Japanese by myself at Kohikan, a coffee shop. Him and his friend came in, and within minutes he was talking to me, practicing his English, and telling me about how he had just spent the last 3 months travelling around the world on the Peaceboat. Very interesting.

Well, we exchanged phone numbers and addresses. Last night, he gave me a call and invited Jeff and I over to his house. It was a great day. We were served green tea while we ate Japanese snacks (which range from delicious to mildly vomitous). We sat in a small room with our legs under a kotatsu (basically a square 'coffee table' with a blanket under the tabletop and a heater under the table). And then him and his wife showed us pictures from his travels with the Peaceboat. Amazing. They treated us to lunch at a tiny, family-run sushi shop. So fresh and delicious. And then we walked down to the "local temple" together where there was a chrysanthemum festival. Wow. We had never seen anything quite like this. Jeff was in flower heaven. After some more green tea and Japanese snacks, we were driven home in their LL Bean Edition Subaru Legacy. Sweet.

Another fine day in the Japanese life of the Epps.

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