Monday, December 13, 2004

We Are Going to Thailand!!!

Oh WOW!!! It is really happening! On December 24th we will be boarding a plane and flying to Bangkok!!! Once there, we will be staying with the family of Kantawat Makarasara (AKA "Top"), one of my former students from Brock. Unfortunately, Top leaves to go back to Canada on December 26th... :-(

But we will continue our adventures. Not all is planned yet... heck, if it were, it wouldn't be an Epp excursion... We know that we will fly or bus north to Chiang Rai on December 30th. Once there, we will meet Mr. E, my former supervisor from Matsudo, Japan and a bunch of his old students. Then, Mr. E will drive us to the hilltribe that he and his students support, and we will stay with them until January 2nd. WOW. Bringing in the new year with a Thai hilltribe!

Then, we will fly or bus south, to Phuket, and catch a boat to a nearby island, where we will promptly plop ourselves down on a beach until we have to catch our flight back on January 7th.

And to top it all off, Monday the 10th is yet ANOTHER national holiday, so the 11th will be our first day back... hee hee hee. Enjoy the SNOW in Canada... yayayaya... I know, you don't have any YET... but YOU WILL!!!

And thank you SO MUCH to Beth, Jason, and Jacob Carson for the package of Kraft Pizza and Caramilk bars that arrived today. Mmmmmmm.... neither will last long!

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