Wednesday, January 19, 2005

And Then It Was January...

Truth be told, the Epps are not having a great week. Kathy has not felt herself since returning from Thailand. A bad headcold, ear trouble, and now a nagging sore throat and dry cough. Jeff has also slumped. He's tired and run-down. Thailand was an amazing and somewhat emotional experience, what with the tsunami and all. Perhaps we needed a vacation after our vacation, but that's asking a bit much, I guess.

Japan is good. But sometimes we want a bit of home. We miss family and friends. Today, in Jeff's search for a taste of home, he went to the import store in the mall. He bought gummy bears, but they were from Germany and they tasted funny to him. Then, he bought a version of "Fuzzy Peaches", but again, they just weren't up to par. And the store didn't sell Reese Peanut Butter Cups. The Japanese think peanut butter is foul. And I guess it is, if you really think about it.

After warm and sunny Thailand, Japan feels cold... and not just the temperature. Everyone is polite and friendly, but I guess right now we just want a little more.

So no pics this week, and no exciting news. It can be intimidating to have a blog... you feel like you have to have something super amazing to say all the time. Even when you're living in a foreign country, sometimes life is just ... life.

Love you all,

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