Saturday, January 22, 2005

Just a cute story. Maybe I will teach elementary school afterall!

Hey everyone! I wanted to share my Friday's "cutest thing in my whole life" experience. I hope you get a kick out of this. Yesterday at my school I was scheduled to teach all of the grade 1 students - there are four classes. I started my first class - usually a pretty good class and Friday was no exception. I was teaching them the english names for animals. I held up the flash card with a picture of a dog. I asked them to raise their hands to answer. Most of them already knew it. About two thirds of them raised their hands and yelled out "hai!" which means "yes!" (or pick me!!!) I pointed to a little girl in the front and she said, "Dog", paused for a second, continued with, "desu (means "it is")", then turned to her classmates and asked, "ii desu ka?" (means "is it right?"), and the whole class said back to her in unison, "ii desu" (which means, "yes, its right"). Every time I asked one of the students what the picture was, they answered the same way. It was absolutely cute. I guess in the Japanese elementary schools, it is not uncommon for the class to be taught with that kind of interaction. In the more "serious" classes like Japanese or Math, a teacher may ask for an answer, and the students must respond in that way -- by asking her classmates if they are correct. It's never happened in an English class before though, probably because they are usually so hyper and interactive. I loved it. It made my day. (Jeff)

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