Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The last more major trip we took was 5 hours by bus from Bangkok to a city called Trat (right on the eastern border of Thailand and Cambodia). From Trat we took a speedboat for almost 2 hours out to a relatively small island in the Gulf of Thailand, again, very close to the mainland of Cambodia. This is what we saw on our arrival. We had to be in Trat before 7am, so we took an overnight bus from Bangkok that left at 11:30pm and arrived early, at 4am. We got off the bus, and quickly realized that we had no idea where to go. The resort said they would send someone to pick us up at the bus terminal - but the bus terminal was just where the bus stopped in the middle of the street. And before we knew it, there were half a dozen guys (who drove these little pickup trucks and gave people rides in the back) asking us where we wanted to go. It was 4am! I just looked at them, and answered with full honesty, "I don't know!" At that time, in a strange country, not a lot makes sense. All the drivers eventually got the point and left us alone. ALONE...Standing at the side of the road at 4AM! Finally, after about 10 minutes of complete confusion, our ride showed up. What a sight for tired eyes! The picture below is from our speed boat ride, rounding the last bend, at first site of the resort. At this point we knew it would be good. By the way, the water was bathwater temp. No cold spot on the way in. Even I got into the water quickly. Unbelievable.

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