Monday, February 14, 2005

Back at Home in Japan

Hi Everyone!
It's Monday night here. Just wanted to let you all know that I am back in Japan, safe and sound. It was amazing to come home for a week. Dagmar was most definitely surprised, as shown in the picture. It was surreal to be in Canada, especially without Jeff. It felt so cold, although all of you kept telling me it was warmer than usual. I thought and felt a lot last week. I had so many good conversations with so many different people... friends and family. Many of you were a part of my thought process regarding the job at Asia University - the job that ended up never panning out. Thank you for all of your input in that. As it turns out, that whole process was HUGE... a bit of a turning point for me. It made me really think about what is important to me, what I'm willing to sacrifice and what I'm not. So I figure it was all meant to be, sans job offer.

The other thing I really came away from Canada with is a deep thankfulness for the strong relationships I have with all of you. So many meaningful talks, so many thoughtful words of advice, so many of you willing to take a break from your regular, hectic schedules to spend a bit of time with little me. Wow. Thank you. Jeff and I have some very rich relationships that we can look forward to coming home to.

Finally, thank you mom and dad for all you did. The warm bed, the good food, the abundant fruit, nicely cut up for me... ;-) and the good wine. Thanks for letting me interrupt your lives, use the beautiful Jeep any time I wanted to. Thanks for setting up appointments for me, and buying me and Jeff nice things. I know you were really happy to see me. I could feel it every day. I hope that happiness can last for a little while.

Goodnight everyone... love you lots...kath

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