Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I like this picture. I know it's not actually that good, but I like the colours. So here it is. And here is an explanation of my day. I had a good day today. After today, it is pretty clear why I enjoy my job more than most ALTs.

First, on my way into school today, I passed a road crew. Their job today was to repaint the lines on the road. Now, back home in Canada, for those who don't remember, when we paint lines on roads, we use a big truck with multiple sprayers. They can probably paint kilometers upon kilometers of road in a day. Well, this road crew had one guy walking ahead to wave the traffic over a bit, there were at least two guys sweeping the old line, there were two guys holding a string (yes I said string) to make sure they had a straight line, and there was one guy pushing this old looking hand cart machine thing that seemed to first heat the pavement, lay the 'paint' and then pour cold water on it to cool it off. It was quite the process. They got done most of the one km of downtown today. It was a joy to watch. Now I know why Japan has such a low unemployment rate!

After that experience, I went to school. I had a great time at school today. The principal invited me to join them for the grade 6 graduation ceremony next week. All of my schools have the ceremony on the same day, but I think I'll head over to this school. The funny thing was, the vice principal spent a considerable amount of time talking with me and (I think) trying to convince (or bribe) me to come to the grad. He showed me how to make a number of different (and very cool) paper airplanes, and a paper pistol (when you snap it quickly through the air it makes a big shot-like noise). Picture this: (as only happens in Jeff's world) at one point the vice principal and I were throwing paper airplanes around the staff room! I like this school - it can be a lot of fun.

To top it off, for English club today we decided to forgo English and play dodgeball outside - Canadian style. That means instead of one ball (that's just too easy) we used 5 balls! What an absolute blast! (and a little dangerous!) Overall, it was a pretty fun day. Oh, and in the midst of all the fun, I was even able to teach the grade 3s how to properly write capital letters and the grade 4s the English words for pencils, pens and various stationary. A day in the life.... cheers! (Jeff)

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