Wednesday, April 27, 2005

So I Was Thinking...

...that I better stop thinking and finally POST my thoughts!
Kathy here. I believe we've finally made a decision about our life here...
1) University postings - ya, of course I want one, but they generally start next April. Contracts are usually for a year, renewable a number of times. If we went that way, we both know that we would want to stay longer than a year. And it doesn't feel like now is the time for that.
2) Finding new/better positions for the next year - we could try, but chances are, if they weren't university positions, they probably wouldn't be better. And well, we love the apartment, the area, our (few) friends, and we keep meeting new people and making new friends. While we ARE adventurers, we DO like the comforts of our little city.
3) Keeping our present positions - so we won't get rich. Oh well. With the new year (April) came a lot of changes in staff. Many of these changes were really good. And the fact is, we love the kids. A lot. And we've become kind of attached.

So the decision is...............................

We're staying. Till the end of March (the end of the next school year). In August, we'll renew our contracts, and we've learned we have the option of renewing them just till the end of March. This works well for us. We can see another class graduate, and then leave with a bang.

That's right. We're not staying longer than that. Although I'll tell you right now, this country is not out of our systems. And neither is travel in general. It's just that at this time, we feel some definite "home-type" tugs. We'll let you figure out for yourselves what those tugs may be.

For now, any comments on the decision? As always, we'd love to hear from y'all.


James said...

Can anyone say baby??? Ha ha! I'm the first one to say it!!!!!

Seriously, though, you guys are awesome. I love it how we can be so involved in your lives and be so far away. (We'll see you in August still, I'm presuming???) Somehow, someway, it would be so awesome if me and Rose could make it out there... we'll see.


epps_nihon_go said...

baby, you guys are having a baby??! Rose, Nathan - congratulations!!. Just kidding. Baby....hmmm. Nope, not yet, but I must admit I'm not the spry young buck I once was a few months ago, (Kathy is still young, beautiful and full of life). So, James, you were the first to say it, and let me be the one to squash the thought....mostly.

epps_nihon_go said...

well jeff, let's just remember who's in control of the birth control here...haha... oops... did I forget to take that pill???