Monday, May 30, 2005

Hi everyone! We know how much you like our exciting stories of weekend adventures, even if our lives are actually pretty normal and mundane. So here is a short description of our latest adventure.

I really wanted to take pictures this weekend. Kathy knew that, and agreed to go with me. Problem was, I wanted to be somewhere really nice for the sunrise. The best place I know is the Nikko area. Problem was, that's a two hour drive. I figured we could just leave early - the traffic wouldn't be to bad that way. Problem was, the sun rises at 4:20am.

I got up at 3 AM and by 3:40 Kathy had rolled into the back of the car and we were off. We drove from Ota, through Nikko, west towards Numata and finally back by going over Akagi mountain. What a crazy and wonderful time we had. Amazing views, a beautiful hike around a small lake above Nikko, and lots of driving. In fact we only got home at 4pm. I was so tired that I went to bed...and didn't get up until Sunday morning at 6:30. But I haven't felt that rested for ages!

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