Sunday, June 05, 2005

All Rained Out

On Saturday we drove to Mount Akagi. Jeff and I passed through there last weekend, but Joanne hadn't seen it yet, and to be perfectly honest, I slept through most of the beautiful drive last time anyhow.

Rain was in the air. The trees were a vibrant green. Brilliantly coloured azaleas were flowering everywhere. The smell was amazing. We wound tightly up the hairpin turns, Joanne constantly sticking her head out the window to sniff the air..."Kathy, are you smelling this???" Then, we got to the top and the amazing lookout. Jeff got his camera equipment all set up while Joanne and I admired the sights, sounds, smells. We kept saying we felt like we were listening to the sound track of a nature show. There were bird songs I had never heard before. And then, about 5 minutes later, it started to rain. And then pour. And it didn't look like it would let up anytime soon. So after driving around a bit, we went home.

At night, Joanne introduced me to my new music love. Fans of John Mayer and cheesy acoustic guitar crooning, you must meet Teitur. Go to his site, click on the guitar, and listen to the clips. And if you can, watch the video for "I was just thinking". The song has been in my head since then. I can't wait to get the album!


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Kevin said...

Kathy... I have Teitur... I had no Idea Joanne was a Teitur fan! It's really good stuff! I'll make you a cd for friday!