Monday, June 13, 2005

Another Saturday in Tokyo

Yes, we did it again. We went to Tokyo, this time just for the day...something I don't really recommend doing from Ota. Jeff, Kevin, and Christian went exploring and photog-ing; Ayako and I met up with Joanne for lunch at a Thai restaurant and some pretty serious shopping.

At night we went to a Canadian bar in Shibuya, which is a pretty hip and happening part of Tokyo. It was amazing. So many Canadians, so much English! And the menu had wings, fries, burgers, blts, poutine...even veggie sticks! But alas, no Moosehead. So we drank Coronas instead.

Unfortunately, we had a little train trouble getting home. Which meant our heads didn't finally hit our pillows till almost 2am. So most of Sunday was spent sleeping. But at least we came home! Christian said good-bye to us in Shibuya as he planned to spend the night. The last we heard of him, Kevin got a text message from him at 1:30, saying he was in a college dorm partying with students! We're not sure how he does it, but he's always got loads of crazy stories and great pics.


Kevin said...

Incredibly fun day... and no hookers!!!! Things usually go better with hookers but we didn't need em this time! Hooray!

mariaborito said...

tokyo. what a blast. can't say i've been anywhere that fun in well many years! eat it up kids! don't take anything forgranted! all a gift! love you