Monday, June 27, 2005

It's HOT. I know Kathy already mentioned that. In fact her longest post so far has been about the weather. But it's hot. It sucks...Hmm, what else can I say. It's really HOT! Today, in my English club classroom last period of the day i found a thermometer. I shouldn't have looked. It was 31 degrees Celsius! (plus that humidity Kathy talked about). IN THE CLASSROOM! 31 degrees! (That's 88 degrees F for those using that messed up system). I should be blogging about our weekend, but we did absolutely nothing all weekend because it was too hot. Honest. We did nothing. The only time it was okay to go out was after midnight (I went out and took some pictures with Kevin at about 11 pm and it was still a little warm! Okay. enough. You get it. Do me a big favour. Write a comment about the hottest place you've been or the hottest day you remember. And post anonymously if you want, but at least tell us where you are from so we get a sense of your heat tolerance.


Anonymous said...

Everyone is seeing record highs across the US. Pennsylvania was 93 degrees with high humidity; with warnings to stay inside.

jkirlin said...

Man, it was so hot in Maine today that I had to undo the top 2 buttons of my jacket! *WHEW*

Kinuk said...

Two times:
+33 degrees in humid, humid England a couple of summers ago
+34 degrees in (yep) Japan. Also during the rainy season, at the height of humidity. During Japanese summers, I used to spend part of the weekend (or everytime I came back from outside) lying on the floor with the air conditioner on max.

Humidity sucks. Well...drips, more like.

James said...

I'd have to say the hottest ever was in New York City in August (2000?), standing in a subway station. The trains have air conditioning, but most stations do not. So not only is it regularly hot down there, but added to that is the heat produced by the trains running the air conditioners. I remember just standing down there waiting for a train, and feeling like I was dead. Then a train would blast into the station and blow an asphyxiating wall of sauna-like air at you, and you'd almost fall over... except for all the people, cramming around you, trying to get into the train. Crazy.

Although I'd have to say that on Monday, when it was about 34 here in K-W, I had to play a soccer game. Imagine the above NY experience, but add sun, sweat, and running.