Friday, June 17, 2005

A Special Sunday

Hey Everyone!!!
Guess what day Sunday is??


Please help us celebrate this fun day by leaving a comment on our blog.
It's really easy. If you don't have a blogger account, it's okay. Just click on 'anonymous', type your comment, and then click on 'sign in and publish'. Oh, but if you don't mind, type your name within your comment. It's nice to know who the well-wishers are.


James said...

Jeff's birthday, eh? Well Jeff, I have nothing but sympathy for you. I think you and I are on the same page as far as birthdays go... we'd rather forget them. Ah, but you have 7 years on me, which makes yours a little more forgettable than mine every year. But don't worry, when i'm 71 and your 78, I'm sure it won't matter too much anymore. Something to look forward to.

Seriously though, I do miss you a ton these days... we should talk sometime.

Hope your birthday is crazy and fun, like the rest of your life out there in poo crazy fun land.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jeff, hope you have a great day old man!

Jason, Beth, and Jacob Carson

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a Happy Birthday Jeff. We've never met and probably never will. But I've gotten to know your father very well over the last two years. May you have many more Happy Birthdays. Your Dad really enjoys your blog. So do I.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jeff!
We miss you guys, and can't wait to see you, we will celebrate whem you are home.
Love from Dave, Dustin, Jasmine, Candice and Dagmar

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jeff. We will celebrate when you come for the visit. Your bedroom is ready.

Mike and Elizabeth

jkirlin said...

Happy birthday, you social commentator!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Birthday Boy! Hope you're having a fabulous day! Wishing you many more great days and many more great birthdays!

Karen and Josh

Josh wants to add "Don't kill the whales".

Joanne said...

Happy Birthday Brother Jeffu!!! Remember not older, better.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jeff. Today is the father's day in Japan so all students must celebrate your birthday. You are their father, aren't you ? See you tomorrow!

6/20/2005 19:00 pm Sachiko

Anonymous said...

hey jeff happy birthday dave

rosamaphone said...

better late than never...Jeff you are great.


Anonymous said...

heh jeff, better late than never, right? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! we thought of you lots especially when we were sitting around the fire at charles daley celebrating father's day. it was the perfect evening and the sunset was fabulous, you would have loved to take some picures of the sunset but the people were more beautiful:-) we missed you and your card is in the mail even though you'll get it super late but then love messages never come too late, erika

mariaborito said...

love messages never come too late that's right! happy anniversary of your birth. how old? not counting. i'm glad you love your camera so much these days. we're all benefitting a lot! twas nice to here your quirky, dry-humoured, intelligent voice. have fun skipping work! (oops)