Friday, July 22, 2005

Our Time in Canada

Thank you... it's wonderful to 'hear voices' from home. Jason and Beth asked a good question. Thought I'd put up the info for you all to see...

We will be home the night of Friday, August 5th. We will leave for Japan again at 8am (ouch!) Monday, August 22nd. So far, we have Saturday, August 13th booked with the Klassen fam. And we will be spending a night somewhere in there with Nath & Rose in Waterloo. I figure we will be at Dagmar & Dave's Sunday the 14th for Dustin's birthday, cause that's how my family works. ;)

Family, of course, is a priority. As well as the extended family of Dagmar & Dave's pool... But you all know that anyhow. We will be a bit protective of our time just cause we want to make sure we can RELAX and ENJOY for a bit. Something we need. But feel free to "book us" for a night, especially if you're not around the full two weeks we are. My goodness, I don't mean to make us sound like celebrities or anything... that last sentence was a bit much, wasn't it?!


Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for the info. Your weekends seem pretty busy so why don't we do a weeknight visit...looking forward to about the 12th?

Anonymous said...

Oh, but you are celebrities! We'll do anything we can just to get a glimpse of you! Can't wait!