Monday, July 25, 2005

self portrait

self portrait
Originally uploaded by Bob Jones.

i know everyone back home will enjoy this.


Anonymous said...

Oh Jeff, that is a sad looking picture, but quite humerous at the same time. Great shot. Don't worry before you know it you will walking through the doors of a gorgeous yellow house and seeing a smiling face coming towards you and I guarentee that you will have a different expression on your face then. It will be great. Suzanne

James said...

In response to the last few posts:

You guys may lean a little towards the light side of your life in your blog, but overall, I think I see a Jeff and Kathy that I would never see otherwise. I think its great how we see not only the great stuff you do, but the way you see it. It's amazing how much I can construe just from the regular posts about how you guys are doing.

All this aside, I also think it's great to see a little of what Kathy calls "honesty" ie the bad side of life over there (those two things are not equal...)

I hope you guys make the decision that is right for you, not necessarily the one that makes the most people happy.