Monday, July 18, 2005

So I received a pleasant surprise tonight. Ayako came by, bringing this strange can with her. In Japan, it is thought to be good for sick people to drink some warm sake before going to bed. Gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling and helps you sleep well. I personally agree with this custom. I had never seen warm sake in a can before, but of course, I shouldn't have been surprised. This is Japan, after all, land of the "everything comes in a can." But this is exceptionally cool. You take off the plastic cover at the bottom of the can, flip the can over, and press in the "button" at the bottom of the can. This starts a chemical reaction that slowly warms the sake within. By the time a few minutes had passed, the can was so hot, it was difficult to open it without burning our fingers! And it had a lovely, if a tad sweet, plum flavor. It's working its magic. I'm just about ready to konk out.

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