Monday, July 04, 2005

This is where we went this saturday. And this is how we found it.

I saw this picture in the newspaper that had been absentmindedly tossed on my desk at my friday school. I asked a teacher to dicipher the map. Next thing you know, we were heading to Fujioka town to look at a beautiful hydrangea garden. Funny thing is, we actually found it! And it was beautiful. Unfortunately I won't have the pictures developed until later in the week, but it was a very pleasant hour and a bit drive, and a beautiful walk through the garden.

And Beth and Jason and Jacob, we know we've gotten pretty bad at emailing, but you should know that we finally found some mozza cheese and ate your pizza last night. WOW. I had no idea how good that could be! Back home, Kraft is often relegated to second rate (especially if you don't have kids). But that was the best pizza I've had in this country yet! Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed your pizza, just a little reminder of Canadian culture, and of loved ones...
Beth, Jason, and Jacob