Friday, July 22, 2005

what a week!

the big panorama - white ribbon falls
Originally uploaded by Bob Jones.

i need some of this right now. this picture is from "the white ribbon falls" in Karuizawa. we went there this past weekend. Kathy was pretty sick, and we didn't really get along all that well. this place really left its mark on me though. the water from the falls was so cold, that there was a cold mist coming off it. in fact, i was wearing shorts (it was a hot day) but my legs and feet got pretty cold.

anyways. i need some of that cold refreshing air right now. i won't go into any details, but Kathy and i got into a pretty big fight with the school board coordinator on thursday. the fight is not over yet, and i've had a rock in my gut thinking about it for the last two days. in all of it, we have come to realize that the quality of our teaching does not matter. what is most important is that we follow the rules. it is more important to keep the status quo, to keep the peace, and to keep quiet than to be honest, to stand for what you believe in, or to stand up to someone who treats you rudely. i'm still angry right now, so i may decide to remove this post in a few days. but what a week!

we need to come home to Canada and family and friends. the sooner the better.


Anonymous said...

We need you to come home and visit us too! In fact, you're more than welcome to stay home and live with us. That would be even better (I think your Canadian readers would agree!) Looking forward to your visit (in 2 weeks!!) and hoping your days get better soon!

Anonymous said...

Just know that you are in our thoughts and prayers...whatever the situation is, and whatever details need to be worked out, God knows, and is always with you even when your loved ones can't be. Here's a big HUG from Welland. We are looking forward to your visit. Please post the details of it for us...
Love the Carson's