Sunday, August 21, 2005

Is It Already That Time???

Yup, here is a sampling of the people we saw these past two weeks: mom and dad Urbancok, mom and dad Epp, Dagmar, Dave and Fam, Brian, Fatima, Paul, Karen, Karen's belly, sister Karen, mama Erika and papa Willy, Rose, Nathan, Sue, and (oh my gosh) her boyfriend Karl, Josh and Karen, Caroline, Abel, and their three adorable munchkins, Nadine and Nan, Jason, Beth, and super-cute Jacob, Dave, Cynthia, and hairdresser Kendra, Scott, Jesse, the YOUTH (you ARE reading the blog now, RIGHT GUYS???), our awesome hairdresser Sara, and a whole lot others.

Amazingly, we managed to fit MOST of you in.

When we first arrived, we were tired. July had been kind of tough, and we were ready for a break. At first, we just got MORE tired, but finally, thanks to lots of good food, good sleeps, and Dagmar and Dave's hottub, we got rested.

Thanks everyone. It was great. And it's hard to go back. In many ways, it's like we never left. Sure, there are things that frustrate us about Canada, but it was amazingly easy to settle back into the comfortable routine of ... home. We will miss you. We may even miss you all more this time than we did last time. We were surprised by how much you missed us, we really were. And we were thrilled to find out how many of you keep up with us through the blog.

So God bless you. Thank you for everything you all gave us these past couple weeks. We love you and we will all meet again soon...

Till then, check out the photosite. Jeff's been working on it here, and in about 30 hours, as soon as we get back, he'll be uploading his work to our photosite. So you can all see your beautiful selves published on the Internet!

Love you much,

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mariaborito said...

I really wish I could've been there! You two are missed out here in Winnipeg! Jeff, I met a guy yesterday who reminded me of you (actually he was Nathan's best friend) but he's really interested in Economics. It was funny because it was so over my head. I'm not sure if he's into gardening though. You should see my plants. They rock! I think I'll name one after you! Anyway, I'm not sure if either of you will ever call me but I love you (unconditionally!hehe)