Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Torinogo Elementary opening ceremony (gr 2)
Kamei Sensai will be back soon, I promise. And Kathy's back is a lot better today, possibly due to changing futons. And I know this is a little late. But take it or leave it folks....

Niriagawa Nishi Elementary yellow team cheer

This past weekend was a three day weekend. Only problem is, I had Sports Days (UNDOKAI) on Saturday for three of my five schools. So Saturday was a learn how to take pictures of kids day, and actually a ton of fun. The dances and games and opening exercises make so much more sense the second time through! So here are a couple of my favourite pics - make sure you check out our photosite site - there are about 50 pictures from Saturday there.

Chuo Elementary gr 6 girls


mariaborito said...

jeff you rock i can't say it enough! i love you man!

JD said...

Great photos, Jeff! Makes me look forward to my first Sports Day.