Monday, September 12, 2005

We Interrupt Regularly Scheduled Broadcasts...(about Kamei sensei)...

Hey look guys! I'm 30 now!
Just want to show you a bit of how we brought in my happy new decade... it was an absolute BLAST of a weekend! Thanks most to Jeff for making it amazing, although a few good friends, both here and back in Canada, helped to make it good too. Hope you enjoy the pics even half as much as we enjoyed it all...

Friday night
We went to Eru, a new bar owned by the same folks as our old standby, Ikkyu. Eru is a lot more hip (and a lot more expensive), but as you can see, we had fun :)

The group of us (minus Ayako) in our own room (with our own dart board) at Eru. From the left, Christian, Kevin, Jeff, me,Mikiko, and Casey.

Oh look, here's Ayako...!

And the latest and greatest addition to the elephant collection: Dumbo!!! I also received a plush elephant toilet paper dispenser. It dispenses out of its bum. No joke!

Jeff hamming it up with the infamous "sex on the beach" flower.

I just think this is a cool picture of Mikiko and Kevin. You guys rock!

Saturday (and Sunday)

Well, it was a slow start, beginning with the fact that both Ayako and Mikiko stayed at our place overnight. But eventually, Jeff and I got on the road. I had requested an overnight stay at a ryokan (traditional Japanese hotel) with an onsen, and that's what I got... in the beautiful area of Yamanashi. We enjoyed traditional Japanese meals and more naked dips with curious Japanese folk. It was great, and really relaxing. And as usual, we saw some great mountain scenery.

That's me, relaxing in my yukata after a dip in the onsen at our ryokan.

The area was really famous for its fruit and wine. (Sounds Niagara-ish, wouldn't you say?) Check out the grapes! They are grown higher than back at home, and the have these protective paper thing-ies that are put around them. And of course, each bunch looks perfect, in typical Japanese style!

Finally, Sunday morning we left the ryokan and went to a nearby outdoor onsen that is famous for its sunrise/sunset views of Fuji. It was, of course, hazy, but the outdoor baths were amazing regardless. So beautiful, on the side of the mountain, with a great view and volcanic rocks to sit on and lean against. We agreed we will definitely come again later in the year when the air clears up... perhaps when Maria comes (?)


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great birthday!


Birna said...

hey u guys!
remember me!! i lost your page and it has taken me some time to find it again but now i have and i can start smiling again :o)
just wanted to let you know i´m still around just not in japan, and kathy late happy birthday!!
got plans to go and study in vancouver next sept but first going to india and then find some nice place in the alps to spend the season.
hey to everyone i know out there, that´d prob just be the 5th people and george if jeff is still teaching with him.
ok this comment is to long!
i miss japan and all of you nice people out there.
take care
B (the icelandic that kicked jeffs ars in japanese!!!)

mariaborito said...

WOOHOOOO! She's made it to 30 with flying colours! Naked swims, perfect grapes, elephant toilet dispensers, sounds a little sensual to me! hehe Yes, I can't wait to visit all the glorious places in Japan! I'm still in denial!

jkirlin said...

I looked ALL OVER for you guys. You were in the PRIVATE ROOM? Damn! Well happy birthday anyway. :)