Saturday, October 29, 2005

they like my picture! they like my picture!

Ryuzu no taki (waterfalls)
Originally uploaded by Bob Jones.

hi everyone. i have to blog this. i'm really excited. i've got lots to tell you, but right now i'm just happy about this picture.

this past sunday (oct 23) i took a trip up to Nikko again. this time i went by myself and i went with only one purpose - to take pictures of the fall colours. this is one of the best scene type shots i took.

so yesterday i posted it to my flickr site (that's the photography website i have for those who don't know - you can see small thumbnail pictures on the left margin of this page for a link). long story short, other flickr people noticed it and came by my site to check it out - LOTS OF PEOPLE. in fact, flickr has a way of measuring "interestingness". this picture was the 22nd most interesting photo of october 28th! of the thousands of pictures people post each day! it made me pretty proud to say the least.

for my friends and family who read this blog though - you don't have to wait for the rest of the pictures from Nikko. you can browse through them right now on our photosite. click here or scroll down the left margin and follow the link to "CHECK OUT OUR PHOTOSITE".


Karen & Josh said...

Jeff that is one awesome picture! We went and read all of your rave reviews! Congratulations!!

Great story on your grade 1 kids too! I'm sure they love you to pieces!

epps_nihon_go said...

thanks guys. i really appreciate it.

bfukuda said...

Hello Kathy and Jeff:
Since my youngest daughter is studying photography at university, I have come to appreciate the art of being able to take good pictures. Jeff, your pictures are amazing. Jozu!!! I often use them as backgrounds on my computer. Your talent for photography is truly a gift. Keep the pictures coming. Barb (Mikiko no okaasan)

Anonymous said...

i absolutely cannot believe the colors in this picture. its more beautiful than anything i've seen. i just love fall colors and this one does just top them all off. i only wish i could have been on this trip with you. you have a true artist eye and i am so proud of your new found passion. erika