Saturday, November 12, 2005

Jeff's got a new camera!

So that "how much is your blog worth" thing on the previous post was pretty dumb. I know. And I'm sorry it stayed there for so long.

So what's happening now you ask? I've got a new camera. I am as excited as ... I don't know - I'm really excited. It's a new Konica Minolta digital 5D. It works with all my old lenses and it is pretty similar to our other camera except it's digital. The pictures are - well, they are freeeeee! That's the biggest thing. I've already been out taking some of course - so here are a few for your enjoyment:

the half moon (in case you thought it was a pizza we didn't finish)

a red flower

and a blue car with water on it

nothing all that exciting. but fun none the less. anyways - i gotta go - gotta go take some pictures!

1 comment:

_ Art Epp said...

Hey Jeff:
Great to see you finally got digital.
your pictures a wonderfull
Your moon shot is my screen saver
You can get a free stat counter to see who & when someone has been on your site. Put it on your photo site as well.
I put the word verification thingie on as well.
Love Dad