Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Tokyo Motor Show

This past weekend was full of crazy fun stuff. Friday we got our visas renewed. (That wasn't fun). Saturday we got in a car with Christian and Hiroe and drove around the countryside. The most beautiful areas were just along the roadside near Minakami. (you may never see those pictures - it was raining most of the time so picture taking was a little tough). But on Sunday we decided to go to the Tokyo Motor Show. We met up with Mikiko (who was on a luxurious weekend in Tokyo) and headed over to Chiba. It was a typical autoshow (I think), but the big difference was that it was here in Japan, where cars are already weird and small. So the concept cars were pretty cool. Enough babbling. The pictures are here at our photosite.


Karen said...

Wow! Cool cars! You guys look great on those motorcycles! Thinking of starting a new pastime, eh?

My favourite picture, however, was the very last photo - the MAJOR close up of Kathy with the hot beverage!! (I'm not sure whether it was hot chocolate, or coffee or what, but it most certainly was a Kathy thing). So, is there one of those at every outing (that is, a picture with Kathy and a hot beverage)?

Well, anyway thanks for including it. It's kind of like sharing a coffee with Kathy - but in a virtual sort of way. Hey Kath, I'm missing the real thing.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, you make me more than jealous!!! I have been craving a car show for some time now, and this just makes it worse. Those are fabulous pictures and crazy concept cars. Concept cars are my absolute favorite when I go to a show, and those are ridiculous. The whole show looks alot like the show in Toronto. Unfortunatly for the second time in a row I will have to miss the show in Toronto in February. I am soo disapointed, but these pictures do make up for some of my loss. I am thrilled that you were able to go to a show in Japan, that's pretty sweet. Thanks for the pictures. Suzanne