Sunday, November 20, 2005

Why We Want A Japanese Baby...

This is little Hinako, Ayako's niece. She is one year old. She lifts up one index finger when you ask her, "Hinako, nan sai?" And she says, "Hai!" with a very large round mouth when you call her name, and she bows to you when you say "Konnichiwa." And she is absolutely scrumptious. Hinako and her mother and grandmother accompanied the group of us to the Ashikaga wine festival. Don't worry... they left before most of the debauchery began.


And, VERY IMPORTANTLY, we just found out tonight that Jeff is an uncle for the first time! We got a phone call from Jeff's mom while we were driving Maria to our place from the airport. The connection was a bit fuzzy, but we heard that it's a BOY! Andrew James Epp. Mother Karen and baby are fine, and Paul's okay too! ;-)


And finally, yes, Maria is here with us for the week! We just got her today. She is whipped but happy. Expect some fun pics soon...!


Karen said...

Congratulations, Uncle Jeff! I was beginning to wonder when that baby was coming, or if you'd somehow forgotten to let us know! Congratulations to new mom and dad too!

And I hope the three of you have an awesome week together!

Barb said...

Congratulations, Uncle Jeff !! Mikiko and Emiko have an Uncle Jeff as well and the good news is that he is their favourite uncle. Enjoy the many happy memories you will make together.
Barb (Mikiko's Mom)
p.s. Thank you for taking such good care of her. I truly appreciate your help as I know she does too.

mariaborito said...

hey epps, my flight wasn:t till tomorrow so i:m at a hotel right now! this was the only way i could let you know. don:t know if you:ll check but ya, enjoying the quiet and too bad we didn:t know!
laters m