Sunday, December 11, 2005

Ah, the Company Christmas Party

Last night our company had its annual Christmas party, a night of cheap debauchery. It's Sunday night, and we are all still in various states of recovery. The night started at our company's new building. It was an informal affair, with good food, cheap booze, and a required sitting on Santa's lap (for promotional purposes, of course). We work with a great group of teachers. We just don't see each other that often cause we're all at different schools in different cities. So it was great to meet up and party.

The second party was held at a tiny, traditional Japanese karaoke bar. WOW. I have never actually been in one of these. But the owner of our company knows the owner of that bar, so it was all you can drink for 1000 yen. Basically 10 bucks. One of the *highlights* of the night was Brian puking outside, sleeping in our car while we were all still in the bar, and then deciding he would walk the 40km home since he didn't want to be a hassle for anyone and the trains were done for the night. We finally found him via cell phone (he had already been stopped by the police for walking on the train tracks). And about 3:30 Jeff and I finally rolled into bed. Ouch. I don't think one is supposed to do this kind of thing anymore after one turns 30.

Enjoy the pics below!

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mariaborito said...

hmmm, 3:30 hey? well, who ever said you wanted to act your age anyway? tell ayako i like her hat! who's brian? and did he survive the night? gotta love japan and cheap drinks!