Friday, December 02, 2005

Burrito's Japanland: Thursday and Friday

Well, Jeff and I had to work these days. But Thursday night we went to Daidai, an AWESOME restaurant a two-minute walk from our place with Mikiko and Atsuhiro - a guy she met through work. After eating some amazing garlic bread and pasta, we joined up with Ayako at Yorube - a super-cool restaurant that has ladies night on Thursday nights - drinks half price. Yipee!

Friday night we headed to Tokyo. We finally ate dinner at 9:30 in a tiny restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo. good. After that, we enjoyed the crazy night life of Shinjuku till about midnight. And then, when we almost missed the last train to Joanne's place - our home for the next two nights, Maria quickly learned why Japanese nightlife often comes to a close so very early. Crazy trains. Midnight, and they were packed FULL.

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