Saturday, December 24, 2005

Coming at You from Taiwan!

So it's Christmas Eve and I'm feeling weird. Today I bought Chinese-style pottery in 20 degree (C) weather. Then Jeff and I enjoyed a traditional Taiwanese dinner with Rita and her family (we skipped out on the chicken's feet). And now I'm thinking of friends and family beginning their Christmas Eve day while I am half a world away. What are you up to today? We miss you guys. One Christmas away is okay, but two in a row gets tough. So here's a couple "Jeff and Kathy in Taiwan" pics to help you remember us! Display them on your computer while you celebrate this year... it'll be like we're right there with you :)

This is Jeff and I in a beautiful restaurant we went to with Rita's family. It was buffet style and there was live entertainment. It turned out it was her father's birthday! The spotlight suddenly turned to our table and the woman on stage started singing "Happy Birthday" to Rita's dad. They brought us drinks and cake. It was a great night.
Merry Christmas Baby! Hamming it up in a karaoke bar. We went after dinner with Rita, her sister Vivian and their friend Christine. Karaoke in Taiwan is very ritzy - even better than Japan! Each room has its own private bathroom! And the videos are much better... not all that cheesy, horrid repetition.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you got there OK.
Merry Christmas....
Love Dad

mariaborito said...

Merry Christmas to you too Epps! We thought of you this morning though we opened all our gifts on Christmas eve this year as R+N had to do the Janzen thing on the 25th. But they're sleeping here for the week. I'm having a great time at home just soaking up the love! Miss ya!

Karen & Josh said...

A very merry Christmas to the Epps! We know in Taiwan, we're a little late, but it's still the 25th here ;) Wishing you a blessed Christmas season, with lots of fun and relaxation! We're missing you and thinking of you often!

Karen and Josh

James said...

I've avoided computers in general the last few days, so I didn't get to see your post in time... But Merry Christmas anyways.

We miss you here for sure, but I'm glad to know that you guys are having a good time. In no time you'll be home and I'll be done school and starting a career and stuff like that.... life flipped upside down again.

Have a great New Year, and God Bless.


_____Niagara Nautic __________ said...

Jeff & Kathy:


... love DAD