Thursday, December 08, 2005

Oh, he got me good...

so last night Jeff and I were driving to pick up Mikiko. I was trying to fire off a cell text message to Ayako while listening to Jeff at the same time. He was telling me about some helpful stuff he was learning from a photography book. I heard him say something about helpful hints on how to take pictures of something, but then all of a sudden he said something about taking the train to Kyoto...

'Huh?' I says.

'Oh, so you're listening now... stupid girl...' says he.

It turns out that I really had NOT been listening well. I did not know anything was amiss till I heard the bit about taking the train to Kyoto. Here is how it really went:

'So, the book says if you want to take pictures of... (humph... she's not listening) ... your butthole, set it to 57,000, make it green, and take the train to Kyoto.'


I'm still laughing. Jeff is too, although begrudgingly. How on EARTH did I miss the BUTThole?? (he claims he didn't say 'ass' cause that would've been too obvious of an attention getter).


Kevin said...

And they say that men never listen to women!!! Jeff! You go girl!

James said...

There's this part from the movie K-Pax, where the wife pulls something like that on her husband.

"So then I took the kids shopping after school..."


"And then aliens came and kidnapped me."


"And they cut my head off."


"But I sewed it back on. With dental floss."


"The mint flavoured kind."

"That's great, honey."

I use this method of self amusement sometimes, but mostly it's the other way around in this relationship... I admit it. I have serious troubles with doing two things at once, so Rose often says things that I pay absolutely no attention to. She's gotten tired of giving me lines like this though... Lucky for me she's not too hung up on it.

mariaborito said...

Ah Jeff, always a sense of humour. Yes the epidemic of the text messaging world. What will we do?!