Monday, December 05, 2005

Our Last Day With Burrito :(

Sunday morning, we went to Kichijoji, two stops from Joanne's apartment. Kichijoji rocks. I mean, even the name rocks. Kichijoji. That's so cool. It's got great shopping. My favorite ring ever is from a jewelery store the size of a closet there. And it's got a fantastic cafe-lined street that leads to a beautiful park, complete with all the Japanese essentials: temple, pond, fountains, ugly carp, and even uglier swan paddleboats. It is THE BEST place I know of to go on a Sunday morning. You go to Starbucks and you sit outside amidst people and their spoiled dogs that are dressed better than you'll ever hope to be. And you people watch. There's a large number of young families. So you get to watch a lot of adorable Japanese babies. And if there aren't babies, there are DOGS. SO MANY DOGS. Most of them tiny, dressed in brand name labels, and absolutely coddled over by their owners. When we were there, there was a couple with THREE small dogs... all of them dressed, all of them on their laps, and all of them being fed Starbuck's bits. I kid you not.

And that was that. Coffee, stroll through the park, and bye-bye Maria... just for a little while longer though...

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