Monday, December 12, 2005

What a day!

what can i say? i took a bit of time off during the day today to go to the bank and get some money changed for our upcoming trip to taiwan. i rode bike like usual, and like usual, (some) people in japan don't check when they come out from side streets. every ALT that rides bike complains about it. there are so many stories i can't keep track. so this guy didn't really stop, looked the other way, saw an opening in traffic and plowed right into me.

normally those ALT stories include the driver taking off. i was lucky. he didn't take off. and as he asked me frantically if i was okay, i told him to call the police - just like i've been planning to do everyday as i ride to work through the gauntlet of stupid drivers this country so willingly offers.

the good news - it's always the driver's fault when a car and bike are involved. this guy probably got a pretty heafty ticket and a big fine if he's got a history of accidents. the even better news - i'm alright. no damage to me. the best news of all - he will remember to look both ways next time. check this out (i think it's from my elbow):

so my short break from school turned into several hours waiting for the cops to show up, going over details, and then going to the hospital to get checked out because the cops need a record and some form filled in. by the way, did i mention that when i finally made it to the bank they told me, (in typical japanese bank style) that they don't have taiwan dollars at the bank. i ask you - what the hell good are japanese banks anyways...

what a day.


_ Art Epp said...

Glad you are Ok.

Suzanne said...

Wow, that's crazy. Thank goodness you are okay. That is quite the adventure. Suzanne

mariaborito said...

hmmmmmm. love you kath. get some rest my dear!

epps_nihon_go said...

to clarify... although it is usually I (kath) who does most of the blogging, this particular incident happened to Jeff. I am one of the nasty drivers on the road. But I promise, I always look both ways!