Saturday, January 21, 2006

I cut my finger.

Jusaat thought I'd tell everyone about my SFaturdfay. I wsazsx trying to wqaaszh the dizshesz and I dropped a qwine glass. But qqwith my ssuperb reflexzeas I wqaasaz able to catcvh it in mid-air.... BUt not until it hasds sdmasdhed up againssdt the fridge ansdx broken into little, very sxharp pieces, wsheich I cleanly ussded to carve a large chunk of skin out of my finger. ASIX ASSTICHESD! 6! That'ss the mossdt I've had. But don't wwsorry. It doeszxn't hurt much at all, and it only cosdt me $60 to have it ssdewn up. Only problem noqaW isd thisds big bandage on my left ring finger - you knows - the one that I usdse for typing sssd, ansdd qwa, and xc.

I'm debating wswherther or not to posdt a picture. It cut to the bone on the top of the finger (wsehich iddsn't that deep really), but it'ds not a pretty sight. let me knoaqw if you awsant to sdee it.


(and Dad, don't wqorry. The doctor wsazs qwuite good - I wsatched for a bit wehile he sdtiched it - very thorough).


Josh and Karen said...

With a little tease like that, how can we resist? So, Josh says - he wants to see it!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have things under control. I had the same thing happen with a lamp shade that broke in our old house. ...Dad

mariaborito said...

of course! blood and guts! you should try it again! kidding