Monday, January 02, 2006

taipei 101 new years

at the beginning of 2006
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We were here! I didn't bring the camera, but I wanted everyone to see what we saw at midnight. We fought our way to the downtown, and fought our way to stand relatively close, and fought our way to get those stupid glow stick things that you can put around your wrists, and we fought our way to get a closer look at the band on stage after midnight, and then we fought our way out, fought our way to a cab, and finally stopped fighting and fell asleep at around 3am. What a night. I heard that there were about 400,000 people at the base of the building. There must have been at least that many.

Happy New Year everyone!


Karen & Josh said...

Very cool! Happy New Year to you both as well!

jkirlin said...

Happy New Years, you guys. At least you didn't have to watch poor old Dick Clark. :(