Sunday, January 15, 2006

We Even Made Pottery!

One day Rita's family took us to a nearby town that specializes in pottery. As you may or may not know, pottery is my (Kathy's) weakness. Especially in Japan. I see it, and I'm always drawn to it. And I invariably want to buy it. I especially like teapots, mugs, and the more rough - as opposed to polished - stuff (just for your future reference!) We first got a chance to make pottery, and then I got a chance to BUY pottery... and yes, I did buy... a lot... as Jeff constantly muttered behind me "how the heck are we gonna get all this stuff back home!"

Everyone in Japan got excited when they saw these pictures. "Ah, sugoi!" they said. Don't be fooled. A potter (haha... I wanted to say 'pottist,' but Jeff corrected me) did all the prep work and finish work. We merely cupped our hands around the clay while it spun. It was fun, but as you can see, Jeff and I both did our own, so no remakes of scenes from "Ghost," unfortunately! ;)

And we got to write little designs into the clay after. Jeff went messy and abstract...

... and I went cute and traditional.

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