Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Two Fridays Ago...

So, forgive the donuts, please. We have come through a couple weeks of sickness. First, I (Kathy) had the flu, and then Jeff had it... although, according to the doctor here, he just had an おなかかぜ。(stomach cold) Right. We tried explaining to some of our Japanese friends that where we come from, there are stomach FLUS, not stomach colds. We were quickly corrected. While maybe he did indeed have a stomach flu, it certainly was not influenza, because he didn't have a fever. Right. Forget about the fact that he was shivering all night long and sweating like a pig the night before. Forget that temperatures fluctuate. And forget even the fact that flu is simply a short form of influenza! The fact is that on Monday afternoon, when the doctor took his temperature, he did not have a fever. Therefore, ixnay on the flu. Right.

My own temperature tends to rise now just at the sight of Japanese teachers with their thermometers. Got a fever? Go home. You've got the flu. Normal temperature? Sorry kid. Ya, you look like hell, but fact is, you're not sick. So go back to class and sweat it out (ha).

Anywaaaaaaaaaaaaaays.... that was a long aside.

So we've got some catching up to do. Two Fridays ago, January 27th, was our friend Mikiko's birthday! So we headed over to our favorite spot, Ikkyu, for the usual rounds of celebration. Here are the pics:

Ayako bought the cake. When they brought it out for Mikiko, we sang "happy birthday" and before we knew it, the whole place was singing and clapping along with us. Precisely why we love Ikkyu so much. The atmosphere of that place makes for fantastically happy drunks.

And this is Mikiko with the owner of the place. I believe his name is Ryuta. We all have a collective crush on him. He is so cool and so kind (and he was hilariously shy about the picture!) We dig the ponytail. It's his hippest look.

This is a fun one of us goofing off. You all recognize Ayako by now. The guy is Casey. Christian was there too, but unfortunately not in this shot. Yes, Maria, I was texting on the damn cell again, but I promise it was for a good cause!

The girls, doing what we do best: posing.


mariaborito said...

you all look so beautiful! were's the hot jeff? hehe

epps_nihon_go said...

hiding behind the camera, where else would i be???