Saturday, February 11, 2006

What a day!

the perfect day
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The sun was shining when we got up this morning. So we decided to go for a drive. It's been a while. We invited Mikiko along. I drove as Kathy read and Mikiko sat in the back ooooing and aaaaing over the scenery. (It is pretty incredible). I had picked out another man-made lake in the mountains (they dam every river around here it seems) and we were not disappointed. We found a dock, boat launch and fishing area and walked around for a bit. I got to take pictures (finally!) and the girls looked around. It was reeeeally quiet - except for the fishermen and the ducks.

The ducks wouldn't leave us alone. They followed us to the car. They wanted Mikiko's aloe drink. Stupid ducks.

Another fine february day in Japan.

Did I mention that it was about 15 degrees? (That's celcius). The drive got me excited about travelling around Japan once our contract is done in March. And it got me excited about driving around Canada when we get home (although we have no concrete plans for that). I miss home, but our time here is so short. It's a tough thing to be here so long, and then to go home. Right now Ota is home. But I do miss BBQs and sitting outside (they don't do that here).

Well, that was our day. Hope you enjoyed it. :)

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Karen said...

Sounds like an awesome day!! 15 degrees celsius...beautiful! And a gorgeous picture, as well. I miss BBQs and sitting outside too! But soon. Today it snowed here and it looks nice - in a far different sort of way than yours. We saw the sun for a little bit which made it really bright. But anyway, soon you will also be home, and we can enjoy the nice weather, BBQs and sitting outside, together. Looking forward to it!