Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Miscellaneous Overdue Strange and Awe-Inspiring/ful Bits of Nothingness

1. Some chips I bought the other day. Creamy Pizza....Huh? more importantly, "BEER PLUS". What's in here anyways?

2. Thanks to everyone who sent us gifts for Christmas, Valentines, and other various holidays found sometime between October and last Thursday. To voice our appreciation, here is a picture of us laying in bed opening a gift box from D&D and the fam. Those are "I AM CANADIAN" slippers, underwear (a gift normally reserved to be given from my own mother), various photo magazines (which I finished cover to cover in about 5 hours - thank you so much), and a box of chocolates (which were finished much more quickly than the various photo magazines. To Nathan and Rose and Sue - thanks for the strange game. Kathy has been losing against herself for days now!

3. Skiing. I mean snowboarding. (For more pictures of snowboarding, check out our photosite at I've picked up boarding here in Japan (along with about three and a half million Japanese). A couple of pictures from those adventures. The first picture is me and some guy named Taka. That's all I know. Christian and I have gone boarding a few times together on weekends. This particular weekend he emailed me Friday night and we agreed to go Saturday early morning. I guess he was out drinking at K-chan's Ramen shop and invited some Japanese dude. The guy showed up in the morning and drove us up to Minakami in his roomy van. We didn't talk to him at all because neither Christian or I speak much Japanese and the guy clearly spoke no English. After boarding for about two hours he told me he was going to the car for a short bit. Long story short, he was so hungover that he slept in the van all day - we found him there at 4:30. Thanks Taka for being our taxi for the day! I'm sure I'll never see him again. (I expect he'll be a little more hesitant to agree to go anywhere with two gaijin next time). Nice view eh!

(more boarding)
At the top of a run in Hakuba (Nagano). I didn't use it, but I was tempted.

4. Food. And Mikiko. Together. A bad combination. She has some strange taste buds in that mouth of hers I think. She brought us some Japanese 'dessert' the other day. How about chomping into that...(click on the picture for a close up!)

5. My finger. You've been waiting for quite some time now. Especially Josh. So here it is: Click on the following picture to see a larger version, and click here to see it the day I cut it.

more to come (toilets and the hokey pokey)

thanks for enjoying the journey with me.



mariaborito said...

why is it that all snowboarding pictures are of two guys standing and chatting at the top of a hill? i'm beginning to wonder if they actually do anything when they go 'snowboarding'! sorry i never actually sent a package of anything. i suck and others don't. but i'm glad you got something:)

Suzanne said...

you know, the dessert and your finger have alot of similarities. Before I read the post, I thought you were actually going to make a comparison. They look like, pealed fingers...that is abosolutley disgusting!