Tuesday, March 28, 2006

off into the sunset

right place at the right time
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that's where our money is...

Kathy, Mikiko, and her sister Emiko went for a drive into the mountains on Sunday. It was to be our last weekend road trip before our month long road trip. We headed down to the Chichibu area, and on our way we noticed a really interesting temple and buddhist statues up on a mountain (they were about 40 feet tall). So we drove up a tiny little road to the top, parked the car, and walked around for about a half hour. When we came back, all three of the ladies had been robbed. They had all left their wallets in the car because we are in Japan and nothing ever gets stolen in Japan except umbrellas and bras. Credit cards and Japanese money - even the change! The few dollars Canadian and the American dollar was left, as well as the ipod and the bank cards. All told, we lost about 100,000 yen - $1000 Canadian.

Puts a bit of a damper on the drive. Only thing that made it worse was the fact that it took 2 hours for the police officer to prove to us that he was being thorough (all the time we know that there is no chance we will see this money again). By the time he had finished, most of the day was gone and we didn't get to go where we wanted to.

So much for Japan being the safest place in the world. Even in Japan you can't leave your wallet sitting in the back seat of a car with the doors unlocked!

The big question is, what would Dave do? "It's just money, we'll make more".

Thanks for the pre-emptive advice Dave.


Anonymous said...

That's what hapens when you got to carry that dam cash all the time.
But as Dave would say it's just money...........Dag

Suzanne said...

What about your ID? I hope that wasn't stolen! I tell ya, what a crazy world we live in eh?