Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Random Thoughts from Monday

In North America, when we refer to a sneeze, we say, "ACHOOO!" The Japanese, on the other hand, say, "HAHKKUSHUN!" similar to the word action with an h placed in front of it.

The funny thing is, when I sneeze, I usually really do say a version of ACHOOOOOO! And when the Japanese sneeze (especially men), I am often startled by the loud HAHKKUSHUN! thrown across the room.

However, when dogs bark, whether in North America or Japan, I swear they are saying "WOOF" or "ARF." They are certainly NOT saying "WON WON"... hmmmm... or are they? And I have to keep reminding myself that like the rest of the country, Japanese dogs do NOT speak English. I'll never forget how surprised I was when I told the racist neighbourhood Chihuahua to "suwatte" and he DID!

I feel like there's a conclusion I should draw here, but I ain't got one. Anyone wanna help?

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mariaborito said...

dogs are smarter than i thought? i don't think i could speak japanese!