Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Well, time is a-flying. I am sitting amidst piles of boxes. Tonight we will sleep in our wonderful little apartment for the last time. We will stay with Mikiko and her sis on Friday night, and then leave for our exciting across-Japan travels early(ish) Saturday morning!

So much has been happening... so much to blog about, so little time.
But I gotta tell you about last week Tuesday, cause it was really memorable.

Jeff and I went by train to Kanamachi, a section of Tokyo right on the borders of two other prefectures, Saitama, and Chiba. Our purpose for the visit was to FINALLY hook up with Toshie Hamanaka, a teacher I worked with 8 years ago when I lived in Matsudo, Chiba. It was a perfect day... she even greeted us with tears in her eyes!
This is Hamanaka sensei and I walking along the Edo River. Her apartment is right next to the river, so they have a perfect view of all the summer fireworks! I'm so jealous!

This is a surprise that this sentimental freak never expected to happen... it turns out that Hamanaka sensei lives very close to Nichu, the junior high we worked together at. It also happened to be my favorite junior high. Lots of great memories from there. Well, we paid a visit. We even got to go inside and see the teacher's room, because of course, this being Japan, there were teachers there working on a holiday...

And this is us on a short boat ride we took across the Edo River. One side, busy, suburban Tokyo, the other side, the rice fields of Chiba.

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