Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Another Venture Into Nowheresville...

So, after going to Unzen, we took a ferry from Shimabara to Kagoshima. These are the crazy seagulls following the ferry. After the ferry, we drove to Kirishima National Park. Our destination was Ebino-Kogen. Let's just say that if we thought Unzen was quiet, well, Ebino-kogen was absolute deadsville. As we pulled in at 4:30pm, the tour buses were leaving, and the few stores were all closing. Unlike Unzen, there was no town. There was an already closed tourist information office, a couple hotels, and the campground.

We chose a cabin in the campground and told ourselves it would all look better in the morning. Apart from the deer, we were the only ones there. Thankfully, the guy at the campground directed us to a wonderful onsen/restaurant complex that was still open.

While we were bathing, I (Kathy) met a woman while standing in the cold water bath trying to cool down. She asked where I was from, and we went from there. Before I knew it, she had invited Jeff and I to her and her husband's house the next night for dinner and a free sleep! I tell you, you just never know what will happen when you're standing around naked in an onsen. More on that later...

The next day, the town sloooooooowly came to life. While it was doing so, we opted to take a hike around the three volcanic lakes in the park. A nice two-hour or so hike.

As you know, Jeff likes trees. This is Jeff with a big tree that he liked.

This is the most beautiful of the three lakes we hiked around: Rokkannon ike. The colour is really spectacular.


mariaborito said...

nice tree jeff! i'm thinking this japan thing is gonna be tough to get out of your system. wow. the places you're going are amazing!

Joanne said...

it's so blue

(perhaps i should use some of my vacation time to travel in japan)