Wednesday, April 19, 2006

An "Old Cars" Show

Kathy and I were just driving around the monster eel infested lake, enjoying the scenery when we noticed a small sign with a picture of a 1930s-ish American car of some type. The sign said "Old Cars Show". Didn't think too much of it, but noticed a few really interesting vehicles driving by as we did our daily Sunday drive. Next thing we know we are being directed into a parking lot. When in Rome...we did the Japanese thing and followed the crowd up the hill, across the road and past the park. It was an "Old Cars Show". But I hadn't thought about it - these were old Japanese cars - I had never even seen most of them before. Here's a couple of my favourites.

Now here's a success story! I was amazed at how small and weird the cars were in Japan when we first got here. But then one day I came across a car named the Midget II. I couldn't believe it. Of course I took a picture of it and posted it on our blog.
So here we are at the "Old Cars Show" and I see history unfold before my very eyes. The reason the current model is called the Midget II! This is the original MIDGET - fitting name. Who comes up with these things anyway? Why not just attach a chainsaw engine to a bicycle?

Check out this little Honda! Could it be the missing link? Could it be the fore runner of the CIVIC? Now if only the new CIVICs came with a handy roof rack like that!

A practical and handy model - the Honda VAMOS. Interestingly, Honda still produces the VAMOS, but it has been modified a bit - it now looks like a perfect box with four wheels. I actually see them driving around all the time.

A slick little number from the Toyota sports car division - circa 1960 I think.

Who said Japanese cars are always small and wimpy? And did you know that Mazda produced late 1960s muscle cars? This one actually is a Mazda. The world get stranger everyday...

I don't know how I would even get in this one.


jkirlin said...

I LOVE these. As a 9 time Honda owner I have a special bond with the little red one.

Suzanne said...

SWEET!!! Those are amazing! I love them. Why don't we have those here? Honestly!