Monday, May 08, 2006

The Beautiful Shikoku Coast

After our night in Nanrakuen, we headed down the coast through Tatsukushi and Minokoshi to Ashizuri Misaki, the southwestern cape of Shikoku. The coast was spectacular, with all kinds of cool rock formations. And we managed to beat the rain for the most part, finally getting partially soaked at the lighthouse. Not bad.

One thing we've noticed about the Japanese is that they can be very imaginative when describing rock formations. Every touristy place we've been to, we've heard rocks described as turtles, lions, breasts, monks... So in the Japanese tradition, Jeff would like you to look closely at this rock ... what do you see? We see a child's face. What's kind of weird is that this whole section of coast was covered in flat rocks interspersed with strange round rocks... like a whole lot of half buried skulls. Cool.

This is a cave we hiked down to, just as we were reaching the cape. The English signage caught our attention, as it referred to the cave as "someshing special." This picture doesn't really do the cave total justice. It really was huge. We could walk under it, as the tide was out. We hadn't seen anyshing so special in quite a long time!

And finally, the lighthouse at the cape. It was already raining at this point. I love the blues in this picture.

After reaching the lighthouse, we drove up the other side of the coast to the city Kochi. Great city with lots of cool markets. If you go, try the katsuo. They serve the fish raw, searing just the outside in flames. Tasty. And they have a fabulous market on Sundays...that we didn't get to go to. Something like 600 booths. Oh well, next time, right?

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