Friday, July 07, 2006

Rocks, Lighthouses, and Sunsets

We started our day with this hysterical sight: someone likes Demi a little too much. Mind you, the van was also for sale, so perhaps the love affair is over. All the cameras were out for this one...cell phones, digitals big and small. I think the Japanese people driving by wondered what all the fuss was for!

After having coffee at the cafe that ONLY plays ONE SONG by the Black Eyed Peas, we took Joanne back to some of the impressive sights we had just seen a few days before. Here she is on the vine bridge...

And then we hit the coast. Our goal for that day was to get to the other cape/point/tip of Shikoku, called Muroto-misaki. This was another loooong driving day, but since Jo was new to this, she didn't seem to mind.

The coastline at Muroto-misaki was simply amazing. SO rugged. The wind was also super strong in this area, making for awesome crashing waves. We heard they get a lot of fierce typhoons around here. No kidding. The picture on the right is a "Where's Waldo" inspiration. Can you see Kathy and Joanne??

All around Shikoku we kept finding these amazing trees. So much personality.

Previously, we posted the lighthouse on Shikoku's other tip/point/cape, Ashizuri-misaki. This is the lighthouse we saw at Muroto-misaki. Not as impressive, in my books, but still pretty cool.

Here's Joanne demonstrating how to properly walk downhill on our walk back to the car from the lighthouse. You really should ask her how it's done. She's got stellar technique. And according to Jo, you save a lot of energy doing it this way... (notice Kathy in the background trying not to pee herself...)

And finally, the sunset. Wow! We had just pitched the tent and were on our way to look for dinner when we literally stopped on our way downhill on the side of a road to admire this beauty. It was the most gorgeous sunset we had seen our whole trip. We sat and watched it for quite a while. On the left, you can see the sun dipping behind another land mass. That is actually the other side of Shikoku island! It was really breathtaking.

A lot of people have commented on this picture, so I thought I'd post it here. This was the free campsite we stayed at that night, along with a bunch of friendly motorcyclists. We were constantly awoken by the fiercely strong winds that kept blowing in the sides of the tent. We created this photo effect by shining a flashlight in circles on the tent while Jeff took the picture. Beautiful night!

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Joanne said...

Oh yee of little faith. The hill walk works man. Just arch your back, jut your hips forward, swing your arms and voila - a smooth, graceful descent.