Saturday, September 02, 2006

Bathroom Reno

We've been working on our new house now for about a month. This past week was the first week I wasn't working fulltime while renovating. The floors on the main floor are done, the stove and fridge are in, and the carpet is in. So why not start with the main bathroom?

I ripped the tub out with my brother's help. I realized the mirror in the bathroom was actually a built-in cabinet. After taking the cabinet out of the wall I realized that the wall I saw wasn't actually the outside wall. There was another wall in behind, with another built-in mirror/cabinet and the funkiest wallpaper I've ever seen. It has mermaids riding dolphins or something of the sort. I had to post a picture.

During the demolition process I pulled out some piping which was insulated with newspaper. I love that. It was the St. Catharines Standard from July 1926! This house is older than I thought. Very cool.

Only problem is that there is still only a hole where our bathroom used to be. It's been five days without a tub or shower. At least we have water in the rest of the house!

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James said...

The whole false wall thing reminds me of CSI or something. You didn't find any dead bodies or drugs or counterfeit money behind that wall, did you?

You better have kept some of that wallpaper. It is so awesome.

Are you guys using that downstairs toilet while this is going on??? Ew.