Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I've really missed writing...

So I wrote this, oh, like a month ago. And then I never posted it because for a time I just lost all interest in blogging... But after some prompting...both Joanne's and Brian's comments come to mind... I am posting the following entry. And hopefully more will soon follow. Think of this one as a preemptive warning!


I've been steadily losing interest in my (our? ya, our) blog since our return from Japan. I've faithfully posted pictures of our lives here about once a week, to keep you all coming, but truth be told, my heart just hasn't been into it.

Life has certainly been interesting since our return to the land of cute, fuzzy squirrels and freakishly early falls and long winters, but I have kept much of my thoughts inside. It has only been out of courtesy to you, gentle viewers (kudos to Kirlin for that phrase...I always love it when he says that!) The fact is, it's easy and amusing to marvel at and criticize a country that's not your own, but when it comes to home turf, it's a much more delicate issue. The re-entry shock has been strong, and I fear sounding overly negative as I process my thoughts. And so, I've kept them mostly to myself (and to Jeff...oh, poor Jeff...somebody give that guy a medal, PLEASE.)

But I've started to realize that if I don't begin blogging something real... soon... this blog is going to die an untimely death. And so this is my disclaimer. As you read, keep in mind that these are the words of someone who is feeling out-of-sorts in her home country, and with her fellow people. The words may sometimes sound negative or uncomfortable. But heck, they might also provide you with a fresh perspective. And it's not like anyone is forcing you to read this thing anyhow!


And that's all for now. We'll see what else comes out in the next while.


jkirlin said...

I'm cool with waiting until you get your groove back but the guy with the gun to my head behind me who keeps making me check it says GET ON IT! :)

Joanne said...

Bring it. Bring the negative and uncomfortable. And everything else. I wanna hear about it all!