Wednesday, November 22, 2006

So, um, moving right along...

(Joanne, insert bad pseudo-Jamaican accent here): "Holy shit, mon!" I mean, I had NO idea my last post would cause such controversy. But I have to say, if that's what I gotta do to finally get my audience to comment, then I will continue! It was really awesome to, read, such varying perspectives from all of you. (And yes, Nathan and Rose, my thoughts on the commenting thing have changed since last we talked).

Having said that, let's move on to a lighter topic for today, shall we? Some good news, in fact.

Life is looking up. Jeff had an interview with DSBN (that would be District School Board of Niagara) yesterday...finally...with some help of a connection from the VP of the school his mom works at. And they finally put him on the "to hire" list, which means that he is now allowed to apply for any postings that come up in the Niagara board. He will also shortly be placed on the "supply list," meaning that he can be called in to teach when other teachers are sick. Of course, first he has to get yet another police check, which will take 6 weeks, before he can actually supply. Baby steps, I tell ya, baby steps. But we're heading in the right direction. So as of second semester, (February), he'll be able to start supply teaching in Niagara at the seconday level.

Then, due to another contact with our neighbour, Jeff has started volunteering at a school in the Hamilton board on Tuesdays. He's only been three times, and they already love him. (Are any of us really surprised?) I mean the stories he's got from there already are incredible. So probably in the new year, he'll get on the supply/to hire list for Hamilton too, through the recommendation of the principal. But for Hamilton, he'll be on the elementary school list. And then, ironically, he'll probably have to make a decision between the two boards. Because once they start calling you for supply work, you'd better not turn them down. Three "nos" and you're off the list. Yikes.

November 15th was our six month mark. Six months of job frustration for Jeff. Congratulations,'re well on your way!


Karen said...

Congrats, Jeff!

Anonymous said...

That's great...! We're thrilled for you!

Jason, Beth, and Jake

Sarah Hunter said...

Jeff and Kathy, this is a cool blog. I'm a friend of Jeff's from way back and came across this. I was wondering what you were both up to. Jeff, it seems that you have done much since our days at the Islet! A teacher! Wow!! Great for you!