Sunday, March 04, 2007

Home Reno Advice

To all our faithful readers, thanks for waiting!

Kathy went to Winnipeg this past week, and I got it in my head to renovate the front room. We have always planned to make it into an office, and since I've been watching way too much Holmes on Homes and DIY Disaster, I thought I'd make it into an office while she was gone. What the heck was I thinking?

If you are planning to renovate, here's my advice.

I had a weekend, and then three days while still teaching. My advice: Don't do it - there's not enough time.

I had plaster walls behind the panelling. I knew that, but I didn't realize how horrible plaster dust is. My advice: Don't do it - plaster dust will kill you slowly while you sleep.

I had knob and tube wiring. I knew there was some in the house, but again, I didn't realize how much there was. My advice: Don't do it - it's just too complicated.

I asked a couple of guys from the youth group to help. And Nathan volunteered his expertise and time. My advice: Don't do it - no matter how much help you get. The truck just isn't big enough to hold all that junk!

Needless to say, Kathy came home to a reno only just started and, as much as I tried to clean up, dust everywhere. I've spent countless hours cleaning and re-cleaning the dust from everything. It's still here.

Don't worry - we don't have a dog, so I couldn't sleep in the dog house (and the couch was so covered in dust she wouldn't have me sleep there either). It'll all work out. The pot lights on dimmers took a bit of her edge off. Thank goodness for dimmer switches!

Since we are finding life back home a little less than blog-able, I'll use this page to show off a bit of the house renos as they happen. Keep checking back for more! I've got an ultimate deadline of two weeks to get the office up and running now - so you'll see the finished product in just a little while...


lovetolaugh said...
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lovetolaugh said...

Oh My!!! I love the old fellas you got working with you!! What a mess!!

I actually wish I was there to help, but also glad I wasn't.

Poor Kathy!!!!!!!!!

Oh and YEAH!!!!!! You're back in the land of blogging!!!! Love it!

3/05/2007 12:13 PM

Suzanne said...

You're back, maybe just for a while but for that time I will enjoy! Jeff you are crazy for doing this, but it really isn't out of character. You love to tackle huge jobs and in the end you finish them marvellously! I'm excited to see the final product because it is going to be fabulous!

Disaster DIY Crew said...

Jeff - too bad we're not filming in Winnipeg this season! The boys of the Disaster DIY crew feel your pain. Good job for tackling it - it will all be worth it in the end. Feel free to vent some frustration, or get some free advice on our forum. Good luck!