Monday, March 19, 2007

The Renos Continue


As the two weeks went on, I continued to work on the room. Of course, it always gets worse before it gets better, and this was no different.

The insulation went in and made a huge difference (it's now the warmest room in the house). The electrical finally got done, and the boards went back up.

Next came March break, and the drywall. I thought I'd be able to get it done in a few days - drywall installed, mudded and sanded. Boy was I wrong. From Monday until Sunday of the break I worked about 12 or so hours a day. And it was only Sunday noon that I was able to finish the priming and start to clean up. It is absolutely amazing what a coat of paint will do to a room (and the feeling in the house). Everything is okay now. The room is not finished, but we no longer live in a construction zone. The house is really dusty and cluttered still, but the new room looks like a room finally. So I'm out of the dog house, and I've got some time now to finish the trim. (sigh of relief...)

One note for your interest. On Saturday Nathan and I took the last plaster and junk to the dump. We loaded the truck down until the box almost touched the back wheels and were completely surprised when it cost $89 to drop it off. I asked why - our load weighed 850kg! Both trips combined were 1300kg. That's amazing for two reasons - my beater of a truck can hold 1900lbs, and there are nearly 3000lbs of plaster in one room of a house! No wonder the ceiling joists are sagging.

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lovetolaugh said...


CONGRATS EPPS, now you have a warm room and hopefully a clean house...does this mean you're not going to come to my house anymore???

Anyways, I love that you did this Jeff. And the room look beautiful!!! Well Done!!!